Halo 6 Will be All About Master Chief

Since the very first Halo on the Original Xbox, Master Chief has been the main focus of the story. While Halo 5 took a rather different approach it appears the next installment will be going back to its roots.

The immensely popular shooter will once again put Master Chief at the forefront of the action. Although, that is all that is known at this time. We will likely hear much more at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

“We definitely marketed it in a way that we hoped was gonna bring surprise” Frank O’Connor told GamesTM, “But for some fans, and certainly fans of Mastet Chief, It was a big disappointment because they wanted more Chief.”

While the Halo 5 game was well received by critics, it is unlikely the next title will follow the same blueprint. Playing with both Master Chief and Spartan Locke wasn’t a bad idea. However, fans of the series wasn’t too pleased with the lack of Master Chief meaning the next game is unlikely to feature other playable characters.

There hasn’t been an announcement for the sixth installment of the popular game franchise. That said it is likely we will see much more at this summers Microsoft E3 conference.


2 thoughts on “Halo 6 Will be All About Master Chief

  1. I really hope that Halo 6 is a return to form for the franchise. With a focus on MC and the return of split-screen, it’s definitely sounding promising. 🙂
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