There is Still Hope for a Jade Empire Sequel

Jade Empire was a marval of perfect exceution for the early BioWare system of game creation. While it has been a long 12 years since the release of the popular title, it seems a sequel still holds hope.

Before defending and making decisions in the troubled land of Dragon Age, or exploring and saving the vast universe of Mass Effect, the mysterious world of Jade Empire captured our imagination. The BioWare brand of story telling and decision making that was refined in later games is present, and it is truely one of the most memorable titles from the original Xbox.

“Jade Empire is never dead” BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw told Game Informer, “I think one of the advantages to getting back to it after a long time is not only nostalgia is a very powerful feeling in people, but skipping a generation of hardware is actually really exciting because it feels like it’s not an evolution. It’s a revolution of what you can do, and I think that’s the kind of thing that brings people. What if we were to revolutionize Jade Empire and brought it back in that regard? That’s the kind of talk that still happens around the studio.”

It appears a sequel to Jade Empire did start pre-production. However, when the sifi-fantasy genre grew, BioWare came out with Mass Effect and Dragon Age instead. The fact that there is still hope for a second Jade Empire game is fantastic news for fans. While we all love Mass Effect and Dragon Age for their respective worlds, we would be ecstatic to play in the world of Jade Empire once again.

Yay, Jade Empire 2, hopefully.


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