Marvel Doesn’t Need its Own Injustice

With the major success of Injustice many have wondered if Marvel can do something similar to rival that success. The answer is; they dont need to.

We get it, Marval vs DC is the big thing when it comes to superhero rivals. They are the two boggest superhero brands with beloved characters on each side. The success of Injustice has made waves, but Marval doesn’t need to follow.

Infact, Marvel val has been involved with Marvel vs Capcom since 1994. That is the iconic franchise that lead the inspiration behind what is Injustice. A game that is essentially DC vs Mortal Kombat. There is no need for Marvel to follow, alongside Capcom they have paved the way.

The Marvel vs Capcom franchise has still kept a strong presence at EVO tournaments and among many casual gamers. We aren’t going to get tired of Marvel’s beloved characters fighting each other, nor will we get tired of them being pared with Capcom’s most popular characters.

We all love Injustice and what it brings to the table. The truth is; we dont need Marvel to have a similar fighting game, we need exactly what we’re going to get. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is set to release on September 19, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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