Mass Effect: Andromeda is Highly Underrated 

Don’t let the bad reviews fool you. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a highly underrated game that is unquestionably one of the highlights of 2017.

While there are quite a few websites that have properly evaluated Mass Effect: Andromeda, the Bioware product has been widely overlooked. Admittedly the game is not without its issues. Facial expressions are the worst in the franchise history and while the story isn’t bad it is a but uninspired. However, most are completely overlooking to positives seeningly in favor of popular opinion.

To start, the combat system was the best in the series. If your a Mass Effect fan that should tell you a great deal. The jetpack is a fantastic addiction to the overall gameplay while improved AI provides a much more intense and rewarding experience. Not only is the combat in Mass Effect: Andromeda smoother, it creates a varied experience relying more heavily on tactics and skills than ever before.

The cover system doesnt translate as thoroughly but the combat system has an overall feel of refinement that really goes a long way while playing the game. Nothing is perfect but Bioware was able to successfully redesign a combat system that not only fits well with the new exploration but also works better than past Mass Effect games.

The character customization is another much improved area for Bioware. Unlike in past titles Mass Effect: Andromeda puts a heavy focus on freedom to build a wide variety of characters for multiple play throughs. For a title that already offers high replay valu, this is a real treat.

Sure, the balancing is a bit off. However, the fact that you are not locked into a single class like the original Mass Effect games brings a much more dynamic experience. This freedom brings very solid versatile gameplay that no longer limits the player. While that could result in making the game a bit too easy later on, it is a remarkable and welcomed addition to the game.

Character development is something that Bioware has always received praise for, and in Mass Effect: Andromeda they were once again successful in that area. Despite the lack of expression on everyones face, the way characters developed overtime really made it a rewarding experience in the long run as the team tends to grow on you as you play.

While I wont say Bioware was able to grasp the same feel as the original trilogy, they akso built on those characters over the course of three games. I didn’t feel the strong connection to the characters just playing the first Mass Effect either, it was through the sequels the character development continued to build.

Aa you play, truly memorable characters such as Peebee, Drack, Liam, and others tend to make the experience worth it. While the narritive isn’t quite where it needs to be the fact that Bioware still had characters that shined through is huge as it is one of the main aspects that make Mass Effect the powerhouse it is.

One of the best new aspects of Mass Effect: Andromeda is the more open-world feel. Exploring the world, scanning for new discoveries, investigating issues, and completing side quest was remarkably fun. Overall it was a gratifying change of pace from previous Mass Effect games.

While the open-world is clearly more limited than what we are use to in true open world games, it works quite well for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It makes these planets feel much more ambitious and varied than planets in the original trilogy. My only knock on it is I find myself wanting more worlds to explore.

The morality system is a good change  for the series. While I was very much a fan of the Paragon/Renegade system it failed to leave enough middle-ground to create a believable human being. Either you were a completely mean uncaring badass or a clean cut no mistakes superhero. In Mass Effect: Andromeda that issue is resolved.

Here Bioware created a plausible dialogue system that doesn’t give players too much worry about if they are bad or good. You have emotional, logical, casual, and professional choices. All of which shape your characters personality throughout the game. 

At the end of the day EA and Bioware has put in the work and made marketed improvements to the games overall final product. Fixing the terrible facial animations, redoing lighting, and improving general gameplay performance. Fixing much of what players have asked to be fixed since launch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is not the perfect game but it was been dreadfully misrepresented by the it’s reviews. The fourth installment in the Mass Effect franchise is still an exceptional game that is immensely rewarding and undoubtedly of the absolute most satisfying games of 2017.


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