Game Awards 2014-2016

        – Video Game Awards 2016 –

Game of The Year: Final Fantasy XV

Best Gameplay: Overwatch

Best Story: Mafia III

Best Indie: Darkest Dungeon

Best New IP: Quantum Break

Best Graphics: Dark Souls 3

Best Fighting: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Best Action-Adventure: Uncharted 4

Best Shooter: Gears of War 4

Console of The Year: PlayStation 4


   – Video Game Awards 2015 –

Game of The Year: The Witcher 3

Best Gameplay: Rise of The Tomb Raider

Best Story: Life is Strange

Best Indie: Ori and The Blind Forrest

Best New IP: Bloodborne

Best Graphics: The Order 1886

Best RPG: Fallout 4

Best Fighting: Mortal Kombat X

Best Racing: Forza Motorsport 6

Best Action-Adventure: Metal Gear Solid V

Best Shooter: Halo 5

Console of The Year: Xbox One


– Video Game Awards 2014 –

Game of The Year: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best Gameplay: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Best Story: The Wolf Among Us

Best Indie: Transistor

Best New IP: Sunset Overdrive

Best Graphics: Ryse

Best RPG: Bravely Default

Best Fighting: Super Smash Bros Wii U

Best Racing: Mario Kart 8

Best Action-Adventure: Far Cry 4

Best Shooter: Destiny

Console of The Year: Wii U